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Hedgehog Cute - not scary at all!

2014-10-21 22:54:42 by FightClub69

Here's something a bit different (for me at least).  A cute puzzle game!

If you need a break from the halloween theme... :)

YouTube hint video for the first 15 levels.

hedgehog cute game image



Dead Vault : Banking Zombies

2014-01-28 05:29:31 by FightClub69

My latest game Dead Vault is here!


Pocket Platoon

2012-12-17 22:38:17 by FightClub69

Pocket Platoon game is live!

Aliens have invaded, again. Seems like this happens every other Tuesday, but it's a dogs life in the army. Up and at-em soldiers, let's wipe this infestation and be home in time for tea!

Hope you like it! Leave feedback...

Pocket Platoon

Please Stop Running! Launched...

2012-08-03 16:43:21 by FightClub69

My latest game, Please Stop Running! is here on Newgrounds. Have fun, and Please Stop Running. There is nowhere to go.

Please Stop Running! Launched...

Working Stiffs

2012-03-04 20:19:49 by FightClub69

My new game Working Stiffs is a collaboration with Asute of ... Retro styled zombies with a novel click & drag control system.
I hope you have fun!

Working Stiffs

Danger Dungeon
It took a long time to find a sponsor, but now it's out and I can release it here... unfortunately I posted a broken version and got 53 votes before I noticed and fixed it (oops)!

I hope you enjoy some rogue-style dungeon crawling!

Danger Dungeon preview...

2011-08-31 19:06:52 by FightClub69

I don't have a primary sponsor yet, but I thought I'd put the trailer for Danger Dungeon up here and invite feedback.

Here's the blurb...

A huge Dungeon explorer, with many different creatures, weapons, treasures and bosses to discover!
- 3 weapon styles (sword, axe, mace)
- 9 types of each weapon style
- 2 styles of armor (chainmail and plate)
- 7 types of each armor style
- 8 dungeon levels, four pre-designed and four random
- 7 enemy styles
- 5 types of each enemy style
- 5 bosses with unique abilities
- amulets, potions, gold and jewels to collect
- 4 skill types, upgradeable 4 times each
- full inventory control for your whole party
- huge live action melee battles
- play as a male or female hero
- name your character and customise him/her as you level up
- 8 character statistics define your hero
- 4 fighting abilities can be learned, and improved up to 4 times each
- auto-save after every level, pick where you want to restart... replay your favourite levels

I'll post again when it goes live and give a date for the NG release!
Pete (AKA FightClub69)

ps. tune is "Raw" by Kevin MacLeod

Danger Dungeon preview...

It's been ages since I did Defense 1942 so I thought it was about time for a sequel. You've beaten off the Japs while defending Singapore, so now it's time to prevent a major German advance in late-war Europe!
It's a TD where the towers can be relocated (which can save you major money and opens up more freedom in placement).
Seriously huge numbers of troops and tanks come down branching roads... and if you can beat it on Hard you're better than I am...

Hope you like it - it's my first official 'sequel'.

Defense 1943 is here at last...

Bubbulz is live!

2011-06-11 10:05:28 by FightClub69

My latest game Bubbulz is live on NG at last.
I put a lot of work into the polish on this one because it has to compete with some truly great physics/puzzle games. I think the final game looks very slick... and it doesn't play badly either :)
I hope you like it!

Bubbulz is live!

Fighter Patrol 42 released to the world

2011-05-14 18:47:05 by FightClub69

After a lengthy exclusive period on other sites, Fighter Patrol 42 is finally out in the wild!
I think it's one of my better efforts... I hope you enjoy.

Fighter Patrol 42 released to the world