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Defense 1943 is here at last...

2011-07-06 08:44:40 by FightClub69

It's been ages since I did Defense 1942 so I thought it was about time for a sequel. You've beaten off the Japs while defending Singapore, so now it's time to prevent a major German advance in late-war Europe!
It's a TD where the towers can be relocated (which can save you major money and opens up more freedom in placement).
Seriously huge numbers of troops and tanks come down branching roads... and if you can beat it on Hard you're better than I am...

Hope you like it - it's my first official 'sequel'.

Defense 1943 is here at last...


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2011-07-06 16:57:44

Odd to forget the link, so here: /574037


2011-07-06 22:40:44

a link i see.