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Danger Dungeon preview...

2011-08-31 19:06:52 by FightClub69

I don't have a primary sponsor yet, but I thought I'd put the trailer for Danger Dungeon up here and invite feedback.

Here's the blurb...

A huge Dungeon explorer, with many different creatures, weapons, treasures and bosses to discover!
- 3 weapon styles (sword, axe, mace)
- 9 types of each weapon style
- 2 styles of armor (chainmail and plate)
- 7 types of each armor style
- 8 dungeon levels, four pre-designed and four random
- 7 enemy styles
- 5 types of each enemy style
- 5 bosses with unique abilities
- amulets, potions, gold and jewels to collect
- 4 skill types, upgradeable 4 times each
- full inventory control for your whole party
- huge live action melee battles
- play as a male or female hero
- name your character and customise him/her as you level up
- 8 character statistics define your hero
- 4 fighting abilities can be learned, and improved up to 4 times each
- auto-save after every level, pick where you want to restart... replay your favourite levels

I'll post again when it goes live and give a date for the NG release!
Pete (AKA FightClub69)

ps. tune is "Raw" by Kevin MacLeod

Danger Dungeon preview...


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2011-11-06 17:54:14

Looks really good, reminds me of diablo 1, if not too much trouble pm me with release date or when it's released! Is there going to be a random dungeon generator?
The "8 dungeon levels, four pre-designed and four random" doesn't explain much.

FightClub69 responds:

PM sent :)
Levels 2, 4 and 7 ended up being random (different every time you play)... and you can restart any level you've reached previously.